Float & Lever Valves

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Keckley float and lever valves are designed to control the level of liquids through mechanical actuation. Float valves are actuated through the attached float ball, float rod, and lever assembly, and do not require any external power source. Keckley lever valves are actuated through the use of some external power source such as manual operation, float boxes/mechanisms, electric motors, or other actuators through external linkage to the lever of the valve.

Keckley has been providing float and lever valves since 1962 and remains one of the largest domestic suppliers of float and lever valves. Typical applications include: open or closed storage tanks, process tanks, basins, receivers, condensate tanks, cooling towers, standpipes, feed water heaters, reservoirs, and swimming pools. Read more.

Keckley float and lever valves are sized by capacity and not to line size. Float and lever valves are either single seated (tight closing) or double seated (non-tight closing). Keckley single seated tight closing valves normally incorporate a soft disc for a positive closure. Keckley double seated non-tight closing valves are metal to metal seated. They are initially hand lapped for minimal to no leakage, but due to time, wear, and cycling they will begin to leak. They are designed for continuous applications where a little overflow is acceptable. For example: pools, ponds, and drainage. Double Seated valves would not be recommended for applications where overflow will result in flooding a storage/utility room.

Float and lever valves are also available in globe (straight through) or angle (90°) patterns. Depending upon the type of valve, angle pattern valves could be bottom inlet with a side discharge or a side inlet and bottom discharge. All float and lever valves are available with special rod lengths, float balls, or special float connections. 

The standard float valve lever assembly is designed for the float to rise with a slightly outward motion mimicking the way your leg kicks out when you walk. For applications where there is a need for a vertical rise of the float ball as in a stilling well, a special swivel guide adapter can be installed. When a swivel guide adapter is installed, another guiding point must be installed to center the rods vertical movement. A piece of PVC pipe approximately 6 inches in length would accommodate this.

The following things must be taken into consideration when ordering a float or lever valve: Valve size, connection, globe or angle pattern, the media (fluid), maximum operating pressure and temperature, and discharge pressure of the valve if other than atmospheric.

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