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Keckley Wafer Center Check ValveKeckley liquid and gas pipeline check valves are designed for liquid or gas applications where protection from flow reversal in a pipeline is required.

Check Valve Types:

Each check valve has advantages and disadvantages over the other, but all three outperform and outlast conventional swing check valves when installed properly. Read more.

Keckley check valves are most commonly found after pumps to protect the impeller against backflow. Keckley check valves are also found in many chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, power generation, pulp & paper, marine, and water applications.

A critical point to consider when choosing the correct check valve for your application is the cracking pressure. Cracking pressure is the amount of force required to open the check valve. Keckley check valves are designed to open with a relatively low cracking pressure. Optional springs are available to increase or even decrease the initial cracking pressure.

Keckley check valves are primarily installed in horizontal lines or in vertical (upward flow) applications. Information required to properly size a check valve: minimum and maximum pressure, minimum and maximum temperature, flow rate (normally in gallons per minute, pounds per hour, or standard cubic feet per minute), and velocity.

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