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About Keckley Company - Established in 1914

The Keckley Company has made a commitment to be the best, most reliable valve and strainer manufacturer in the industry. This dedication to quality and service started over 100 years ago.

The Keckley Company, a family owned and operated business spanning over four generations, was established in 1914 and operated out of Springfield, Illinois. Our business strategy focused on the development of basic principles in customer service and product quality. Through the application of these ideals, Keckley established itself as a viable and reputable industrial manufacturing source. Our initial production focus was on steam and liquid control equipment. Over time, we expanded our product line to meet the request of our rapidly growing customer base.

In 1955, Keckley moved into a new facility located in Skokie, Illinois that was better equipped to support the company's exponential growth strategy. Since then, the Keckley Company has emerged as a premier valve and strainer manufacturer in the industry.

Today, Keckley continues to provide consistent values, leadership, and foresight in today's ever changing environment. Keckley continues to develop and seek ways to meet the world's demands by continuing to expand its product line to provide quality products for vendors, OEM's, and mechanical contractors alike. Keckley products can be found in almost any industry that comes to mind: bottling companies, airports, steel mills, pulp & paper facilities, global pharmaceutical companies, United States military facilities, ships, trucks, dams, power generation, global petrochemical refineries, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, stadiums, and other commercial applications to name a few.

Keckley's business philosophy not only applies to its customers and suppliers, but all the way down to each and every employee. Keckley employs an ample staff of employees that in most cases have been with the company for decades. This nucleus with their core belief and commitment to making the workplace a healthy interactive environment has built trust and pride which translates through its products.

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