• Double Disc Check Valves: A One-Way Path to Protection

Double Disc Check Valves: A One-Way Path to Protection

Protect, Prevent, Perform. Precisely.

When it comes to specifying liquid or gas pipeline valves for ultimate protection against flow reversal, there's nothing more reliable and cost effective than retainerless double disc check valves from Keckley.

Versatile DD check valves insure a ONE-WAY flow path to protection.

The retainerless design of our DD check valves eliminates potential leak paths through the valve body, making it an excellent choice for highly toxic, corrosive or hazardous chemical processing applications. Because of its many unique operational benefits, this type of valve is ideal for a multitude of demanding pipeline systems.

You may have heard of the 4 "P'sā€ of marketing? We have ourown "P's"for Double Disc Check Valves:

Protection for your system - With thousands or even millions of dollars invested in a pipeline system, protecting and prolonging equipment life means a higher long-term ROI. Double disc check valves are generally 80-90% lighter yet much stronger than conventional swing check valves of the same size and pressure class. Lighter components means a lighter overall piping system requiring less supports and hangers, reducing overall installation costs. When replacement check valves are required, DD checks have a shorter face to face so with a spool piece they are a cost effective, light weight, easier to install alternate option.

Prevention from damaging flow reversal, water hammer, and leakage of hazardous materials. It is said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.ā€ Correctly specified retainerless DD check valves can prevent costly financial damage to pumps and systems from backflow and drainage, or worse, catastrophic damage to the environment and/or a company's reputation.

Performance of the highest level ā€“ Keckley Double disc check valves are designed and manufactured with precision engineering, superior high quality ASTM materials and QA guaranteed by the industry leader with more than a century's experience. They perform and conform to all current industry standards including ASME/ANSI, API 594 API 598, & 6D, MSS-SP, and NACE where applicable.

Precisely what you need ā€“ Because of their unique design, Keckley DD check valves make light work of installation and maintenance. They are simple to install and easy to service in the field without the
need for special tools.

Keckley double disc check valves come in multiple design styles, sizes, pressure classes, and alloys to meet all of your ONE-WAY flow and system requirements. Visit keckley.com for complete information and specifications.

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