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Pipeline Nickel Aluminum Bronze Y (WYE) Strainers

Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Keckley Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B 148, C95800) Y-strainers are furnished standard with drain connections and pipe plugs. Most commonly, Y-strainers are fitted in the field with nipples and drain valves to permit the strainer screen to be cleaned while the system is still in process. By opening the drain valve while the system is under pressure, the debris trapped in the screen is "blown" through this connection helping to reduce system shut-downs for maintenance and cleaning.

Keckley Y-strainers are offered in both domestic and foreign castings with a wide variety of straining options for almost any application. Keckley does offer Y-strainers that meet the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" (A.R.R.A.) and "Buy American Act". Keckley also provides Y-strainers that meet or exceed military specifications: WW-S-2739: TYPE 1, WW-S-2739: TYPE 2, and NAVSHIPS 810-841499.

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Keckley offers bronze plumbing Y-strainers that meet the California and Vermont “Low Lead” legislation. Keckley Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel strainers already meet the requirement of having less than one quarter of one percent of lead by weight.

Y-strainers are available in Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze, Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Carbon Steel(like the popular SB-7 Model), Stainless Steel, and a variety of specialty metals including Alloy 20, Hastelloy C276, Monel, Chrome-Moly, and Titanium to withstand thermal or mechanical shock and corrosion. Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN’s) are also available in specific models. Configure Your Nickel Aluminum Bronze Y Strainers Here.



Image Size Range Pressure Class End Connection Style Catalog Page Submittal Drawing Pressure Drop Chart Product Numbers
1/2" - 12" 150 FF Flange BA7 Catalog Pages Submittal Drawings Pressure Drop Chart Product Numbers
1/2" - 12" 300 FF Flange BA7 Catalog Pages Submittal Drawings Pressure Drop Chart Product Numbers

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